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A FREE, 3-Part Teleclass Series Hosted by Baeth Davis and Introducing Spiritual Master, YinPing Li:

"3 Steps To Awaken and Activate Your
Divine Feminine Power”

Dear deeply gifted soul-preneur,

Listen, many healers, coaches and experts end up frustrated, wishing someone would come around and “turn them onto” the path that allows them to do what they meant to do here on earth. And not just “do” but create with joy and ease. If you relate, you, too, would probably like to make more money, more easily, by using your soul’s signature gifts and talents and bring your divine feminine beauty, love, light and service to the world in a BIG way!

Please meet YinPing Li. She’s known to her audience of over 2 million Chinese listeners as the “Voice of Kuan Yin and the Embodiment of Divine Feminine Energy.” She is a holder and teacher of ancient wisdom.

YinPing lives a beautiful and abundant life that is deeply nurturing to her heart and soul. When you hear her talk, sing or have the good fortune to spend one-on-one time with her, she is the breathing, walking incarnation of divine presence of love and oneness.

After losing her first business fortune in her forties, she now possesses a deep knowing of what it takes for YOU to experience love, light, higher vibration and consciousness in YOUR everyday life and joyfully share your contributions with your clients.

Now, for the FIRST TIME EVER, YinPing will share with you her personal and practical secrets!

In this FREE, 3-Part Deeply Transformational Tele-Class Series, you will discover:

Call #1: Awakening and activating the miracle of your divine feminine power for easier and more authentic manifestation. On this call, you will discover 3 steps of YinPing’s 7-step process to awaken and activate your divine feminine power:
  • Step 1 What you need to accept about yourself in order to awakening to your divine feminine power.
  • Step 2 What you need to express in your reality in order to experience this magical divine feminine

    energy that will completely transform how you feel about your life forever.

  • Step 3 Discover the core emotions that keeps you from claiming your divine feminine power
Call #2: 3 Keys To Expressing YOUR Soul Essence in all you do. These keys include:
  • Step 1Discover what love truly IS and feeling in love and loved in each and every fiber of your being.
  • Step 2Discover what security IS and feeling completely safe in your skin no matter what’s happening

    in the world outside of you

  • Step 3Discover how it feels to be truly in control and have total confidence in all your choices day in

    and day out

Call #3: Awaken and activate your emotional heart and your body’s grace, radiance, and beauty (rather than aches, pains and chronic suffering!)
  • Step 1Discover one simple and profound step that would make all the difference in healing your body
  • Step 2Discover one blind side regarding your body that could safe you time, money, energy, and pain
  • Step 3Discover one critical insight in awakening your body’s brilliant light

"Are YOU Ready To Say “YES!” to All of Your HEART’S DEEPEST
DESIRES and RECEIVE the Joy, Emotional Support, and Money You
Deserve So You Can SERVE and CONTRIBUTE in a Way That Deeply
Fulfills and Nurtures You?"

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